Advertisers must shift up to 50% of their advertising budgets to the web and digital, and for good reason. It’s not just that people are spending as much time (if not more) online as they do in front of their TVs, the fact is that more and more people use their smart phones and tablets to access the Internet or check their email. The simple truth: digital marketing works, if you know when to use it and how to weave it into your overall marketing campaign. BrandSource Digital will help you gain visibility on-line through search engine marketing (SEM) and online display advertising.

The power of SEM – SEM ads are text-based and display alongside organic search results on the popular search engines such a Google™, MSN®, Yahoo!® and Bing™. SEM is an affordable and scalable way to receive quick, relevant traffic to your website – and you only pay when someone clicks on your ad.

As a compliment to SEM, display advertising appears on web pages and social networks such as Facebook in the form of graphic banners ads. We offer display advertising packages that are placed on some of the top national news, entertainment and lifestyle site networks to give your brand maximum local visibility where people spend the most time – online. As an added benefit, BSD also monitors your co-op accruals and spend, secure pre-approvals and submit and audit co-op claims – saving you time and ?

Pre-roll/Video Ads

Today’s consumer loves video and video engages at rates as high as 50X greater than still images. BSD creates video and places video ads just like display ads as well as “pre-roll” ads on YouTube.

Video productions are created to be customized for local dealer use and the production team at BrandSource Digital has decades of experience at creating compelling high quality video for use on air, websites, video platforms and ads.


Social Media

Social platforms leverage networks of users and provide a credible means of providing relevant content and information about your business, products and services. BrandSource Digital has dedicated content specialists who write and produce a regular stream of Blog, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+ posts, and videos for YouTube. These are automatically posted to your Blog and Social Channels weekly based on your brands, product categories and services.


E-mail Marketing

Consumers say email is their preferred method of receiving information about the businesses, products and services they are interested in. And using your own customer email list is the single most cost effective means of staying in touch. BrandSource Digital will help you create compelling and appealing emails, as well as landing pages on your website so you complete the experience once they click.

BSD also uses comprehensive consumer databases to precisely target “opt in” email addresses based on key demographics and criteria. So, you can reach the consumer segments that work best for you based on specific attributes as well as trade area definitions that are as precise as zip codes.


Content Marketing

Digital Video is a major initiative for BrandSource for use both in-store, on websites and online platforms such as YouTube. This is in addition to blog posts and many are in video blog format so that you can leverage the original productions created for AVB TV.

Content is the key to consumer engagement. Consumer engagement is the key to consideration and then direct interaction which leads to store visits, emails, calls, appointments and sales.