John White

“BrandSource Digital is the wholly dedicated full service advertising/digital marketing agency and website provider for BrandSource members that is powered by AVB Marketing. This 55-person shop includes website/application developers, copy writers, creative and art directors, content producers, designers, social media experts, client services, account managers, digital marketing/PPC specialists, SEO experts, product data and pricing management team, promotions managers and merchandisers. No other group even comes close to providing marketing solutions and horsepower that AVB/BrandSource does to its members. And, most importantly, these services are provided at the lowest cost and highest ROI.”

Websites are the backbone of every retailer’s marketing strategy. All marketing and advertising whether digital or traditional pushes consumers to your website. Your brand is now defined by the sum total of all online customer experiences, most importantly your website. Your website is your business 24/7.

BrandSource Digital is focus on great design and content. All websites are responsive for the ultimate user experience. Nearly half (46%) of people say a website’s design is their number one criterion for determining the credibility of a company.

• 92% own a smart phone
• 70% use a smartphone 70+ hours per month
• In 2014 people spent more time looking at 6” Screen versus their 60 inch screens
• In 2015 mobile “influenced” $1 Trillion in Consumer Spend
• Google penalizes Search Results for non-mobile or responsive websites

SEO, Search Engine Optimization and SEM, Search Engine Marketing is like the Olympics get a metal or go home empty handed. Gold, Silver, Bronze and all others lost. And, sites need to be designed and managed for user engagement not just search, product and price. SEO is an absolute must, but non-engaging sites simply fail, and create a negative return on investment. In other words, they cost you business. Engagement & Conversion is all that matters.

1. Your Website has to be great in order to have the opportunity to “engage”.
2. 40% to 50% of Ad spend needs to be web and digital of all forms.
3. You have to have content in order to get position 1 or 2 on organic searches.
4. All touch points must be consistent.
5. The sum of all the online and in-store experiences define your brand.
6. You do a better job displaying and selling premium and ultra premium higher products than the box stores.
7. But, you have to “interact” on line before you get to “engage” them in the store.