Four Tips for Managing Your GMB Listing

May 14, 2020

Four Tips for Managing Your GMB Listing

We know that consumers are spending more time online than ever before. Are you keeping up with your Google My Business listing to ensure all of your public store information is up-to-date? Maybe you have multiple store fronts, and only a few are still open right now. How are you making your customers aware? We can help you update messaging on your website, but sometimes, your customer doesn’t even make it that far. So here are the top four tips for making sure your Google My Business listing is current.

1. Mark Locations as Temporarily Closed

Google is now allowing business listings to be marked as Temporarily Closed. Before the COVID-19 outbreak, the only option Google offered was to mark your store as Permanently Closed, and that just isn’t the only option anymore. If you have multiple locations and some are still open, you can individually select only the stores that are currently closed. Learn how here.

2. Change Your Business Hours

Have your store hours changed due to social distancing? Maybe your hours are longer to accommodate multiple appointments that are spaced out during the day, or maybe you have shortened hours because you know people just aren’t leaving their homes. Whatever the case, if your hours have changed, you can and should edit the hours you’re open and available so your customers know when they can reach you. Learn how here.

3. Manage Your Information

You are in control of the information that’s on your Google My Business listing, and not just the standard hours and location info. There is an information section where you’re able to let customers know important details about your business up front. Let them know what items you sell or whether you offer fast delivery or no-contact curbside pickup. You have 750 characters to say just what you need to. Learn how here.

4. Create a Post

Google recently created a new post type for COVID-19 updates. Share a post to your business listing to give your customers more detailed information such as:

1. Changes to how the business operates, such as appointment only, call for details, or others
2. Updates to how the location is being managed as it relates to safety and hygiene
3. Requests for support

Keep in mind, there are a few delays and restrictions right now due to the overwhelming amount of responses Google is receiving. Currently, we are seeing major delays in business information edits, newly created listings, claims and verifications. In addition, new reviews, new review replies, new short names, all videos and all Q & A is unavailable right now. If you have questions or need help navigating your business listing, always feel free to reach out to our team for help!

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COVID-19: Importance of Social Media Engagement

April 28, 2020

COVID-19: Importance of Social Media Engagement

Social media engagement plays a much larger role in communicating with your customers than you may realize, especially right now. Daily time spent on social channels has risen drastically over the past few weeks, and our team is seeing the results of that in the data. So what have we seen, and how should you be engaging with your customers on social channels?

Reputation Management

While we know that people are still very much in need of appliances, furniture, mattresses and consumer electronics, some folks not on the purchasing end may not realize that these are essential items in certain situations. Some of our members have reported to us that they’ve received some negative feedback from the community because their delivery trucks are still seen out and about. What should you do?

    • Stay on top of the feedback and assure your community that you are taking all necessary steps to protect both your employees and your customers. 
    • Don’t ignore positive feedback! Engage with even those who are happy to see you assisting the community you’re serving. 
    • Be mindful that this is a stressful time for everyone, and acknowledge your community while staying positive. 
Organic Social Media

Organic content and engagement is just as helpful to your business as social advertising, just in a different way. Your customers want to know that you’re human, and you’re thinking of them even now. Below are a few ideas to get you started with engaging:

    • Post your store hours and let customers know the best ways to get ahold of the team and shop. 
    • Keep your content informative, helpful, and positive. If you need assistance with content, our team has developed numerous images and infographics that you can use!
    • Start a contest among your followers and to gain new ones. Everyone is cooking more at home than they have before, so have the users snap a pic, post it to their feed using #cookingwith[dealername] and pick a winner at random who will receive a prize of your choosing. It could be a free range, a digital gift card to a local eatery who delivers, etc. Use this as an opportunity to connect with your community, provide entertainment and give back to your fellow business owners in need.
Facebook Advertising

So how about the advertising side of things? Well, our team reviewed the data and saw:

    • Large spikes (up to 50% increases) in overall reach across Facebook ad campaigns. This means your same budget is allowing more people to see and interact with your ads.
    • Up to 130% increases in Add To Carts from the previous period with corresponding 60% increase in online purchasesThis means, in the Facebook ad accounts running Catalog Remarketing, we are staying top of mind and capturing the consumer’s attention at the right moment, and moving them to purchase.
    • Overall U.S. traffic from Facebook to other websites has increased by more than 50% week-on-week.

This all means that you should be leaning into your social media efforts, not shying away from it. There’s never been a better time to engage with your audience, and the best thing you can do is stop overthinking and start posting. 

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Top 4 Tips to Drive Growth Now

April 24, 2020

Top 4 Tips to Drive Growth Now

During these unprecedented times learn how you can not only stay in business but GROW!


1. E-Commerce/Transactional Website

Taking online orders and capturing payment on a true e-commerce website is crucial to running your business in today’s uncertain landscape. Whether it’s a free PayPal account or another payment portal of your choice, taking PAYMENT ON YOUR WEBSITE IS A NON-NEGOTIABLE for consumers in duress who need the appliance now!

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2. Help the Customer Virtually

When a customer walks into your store, you don’t ignore them; when a customer visits your website, they should not be ignored. The need for 1:1 digital communication – CHAT ON YOUR WEBSITE – IS A MUST HAVE. Use the opportunity as a “digital handshake” (social distancing approved) and educate, recommend and ultimately provide a value to a customer who would rather shop online. Your new best salesperson will be your chat.

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3. Merchandise Your Website

Right now, it’s more difficult than ever for consumers to find and purchase what they need. Let your customers know that YOUR WEBSITE IS USER FRIENDLY with strategically merchandised product, specialty catalogs, along with same day/next day delivery and “in stock” product flags, and the core accessory items they need! Don’t make them search for it, give them their dessert first.

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4. Shout it From the Rooftops

…the virtual rooftops that is. One tip, you cannot forget, is to maintain your online advertising presence. With many pulling budgets, the noise in the marketplace is lessening, cost-per-click is decreasing, and your dollars are going further. The best part: WEBSITE TRAFFIC IS INCREASING. Now is not the time to stop or pull back, now is the time to lean in. Capture the consumer, they’re out there, and they are ready to buy.

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Online Traffic


Online Conversions


Online Transactions

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To help independent dealers maximize their co-op dollars and reach today’s consumer, the BrandSource buying group has developed a new Digital Tabs program for use in emails, texts and on websites. A simple, repeatable and...