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What Is Your Black November Strategy?

November 14, 2022

What Is Your Black November Strategy?

Programs and promos to help you win the season

BrandSource — the largest member-owned merchandising and marketing group for independent appliance, home furnishings,
mattress and CE dealers — has everything you need to optimize your sales this holiday season. 

Between Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday, this is a key moment for independent retailers. BrandSource has an array of specials and promotions to help you get the most out of your marketing budget and effectively merchandise your store. 

Here are just a few examples of what BrandSource members have access to right now: 

  • Up to $800 in rebates on major appliance brands to help you compete with big box stores.
  • A gas card promo worth $100 on major mattress brands to beat national chains.
  • Enhanced margin special offers on appliances to put more money back in your pocket during tight margin promotional periods. 
  • Low-cost consumer financing offers to make purchasing from you easy and affordable.
  • A digital marketing match program that gives you more for your investment to help drive traffic to your website and your store. 
  • Best-in-class e-commerce websites for Cyber Monday and every day. 

Optimize your Black November and year-end bottom line with an assist from BrandSource. 

To learn more about Black November promos and the many other benefits of BrandSource membership,
please click here.

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LINQ4U: Merchandising for the Holidays

October 31, 2022

Holiday merchandising to beat the chain stores

Black november is here and your store is ready. 
Can you say the same about your website? 

How do you ensure your website offers an up-to-date inventory
of all you have to offer?


The vast majority of shoppers will begin their holiday purchasing online, which means your website has to be just as inviting, easy to use and organized as your store. Our proprietary software aligns website merchandising with in-store strategy to drive business both online and offline. With LINQ, you never have to worry about products or pricing on your website being out of date — LINQ makes it easy for you to display merchandise the way you want to, showcase promotions, create special catalogs and more. 

Although the LINQ interface is easy to use, you can get all the benefits without lifting a finger. With LINQ4U, we handle it all for you. We set up the portal and manage all online merchandising duties, website promotions, display models, product bundles, pricing and extended warranties. LINQ feeds your entire product catalog to your website, including real-time pricing, and LINQ4U means it happens without any additional effort from you. 

Level up your online merchandising to win the holidays and beat the competition — LINQ gives you the ability to always have the right product at the right price at the right moment to make the sale.  LINQ4U is like having your own marketing professional at the helm. Take advantage of our expertise and exclusive programs designed to give you more power in the marketplace. 

Start today with LINQ4U. 

To learn more about LINQ4U and the many other benefits of BrandSource membership, please click here.

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KIOSQ – Limitless options, seamless integration

October 24, 2022

KIOSQ – Limitless options, seamless integration

Only for members: KIOSQ puts your expanded product assortment at your customers’ fingertips. 

What is KIOSQ? It’s our in-store solution designed to mirror your full product catalog for a truly seamless customer experience. Providing all the categories and varieties of products your store in an “endless aisle,” KIOSQ blurs the lines between your website and showroom so your customers can see everything you have to offer no matter where they are when they’re shopping. 

KIOSQ is a vertical solution that puts the future of retail sales into your hands right now. It is synced to AVB’s exclusive online inventory management tool, called LINQ, which means updates made to your website are reflected automatically. Using KIOSQ, your customers can peruse thousands of SKUs from your e-commerce catalogs. 

As a mirror of your website, the in-store KIOSQ display allows visitors to view promotions, best-sellers and in-stock items with a sales associate or on their own. Customers can even place an order and get approved for BrandSource financing through the interactive panel.


The AVB KIOSQ is a freestanding silent salesperson with a virtual aisle that allows a customer to filter and browse through all of your available products with a touch of the screen. Customers can also build packages and create a shopping cart for purchase using an in-store KIOSQ display.


  • Display thousands of SKUs without needing additional floor space
  • Integrate with your website so you will also have real-time updates and never miss a sale
  • Offer a contactless experience for anyone who feels more comfortable shopping at a distance.

KIOSQ is just one of the martech solutions offered by AVB Marketing that provides “a unified shopping experience in a way no one else is doing today,” said Chief Marketing Officer John White.

To learn more about bringing the power of the Internet inside your store, along with the many other benefits of BrandSource membership, please click here.

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FTS – Tech Solutions for Furniture Dealers

October 17, 2022

FTS - Tech solutions for home furnishings dealers

Furniture Technology Source – Powered by BrandSource.
It’s all you need to make your furniture/mattress sales soar.

What is FTS? It’s a turnkey platform of retail, marketing and tech solutions that are laser-focused on the independent home furnishings dealer. Specially designed to meet the unique needs of our members in the furniture channel, FTS is backed by the power of BrandSource, with 5,000 members and $24 billion in cumulative sales. 

Why Furniture Technology Source? A brief refresher: 

  • Home furnishings is a $100 billion industry in this country.
  • Independent dealers have a dizzying number of balls to keep in the air to stay ahead of their competition.
  • The vast majority of shoppers begin their journey online, so your digital showroom has to be as beautiful and well-organized as your brick-and-mortar store. 
  • FTS has every tool, trick and technique you need to bring it all together. 

Because BrandSource is member-owned, all the decisions are made by and for members. When it comes to being part of a buying group, there is no better choice than BrandSource. With the best ROI in the industry, the newest tech and marketing innovations and a commitment to our members in the furniture and mattress categories,  you know when we say “It’s all about the member,” we mean it.

To learn more about insurance savings and the many benefits of BrandSource membership, please click here.

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Is Your Digital Product Catalog Good Enough?

October 10, 2022

Is Your Online Product Catalog Good Enough?

Once upon a time you could unload a truckload, scan it in and call it a day.

Not so in the digital age, when countless SKUs must be cataloged and updated to keep your website and sales tools timely. Which takes away time from the central tenet of retail: Selling.

That’s where BrandSource, the $24 billion buying co-op for independent dealers, comes in.

First, our dedicated team of merchants locks in the best appliance, home furnishings and consumer tech programs in the business. Then, our developers provide state-of-the-art e-commerce sites to sell all those wares. And finally, our crackerjack marketers input hundreds of thousands of SKUs, specs, images and reviews to populate your website and get that traffic going.

What’s more, BrandSource puts all the power of those resources in your hands with a proprietary merchandising portal we call LINQ. This easy-to-manage web tool allows you to:

  • Sort your online merchandise by popularity;
  • Flag in-stock or on-sale SKUs;
  • Create custom product packages with your overstock or vendor specials;
  • Make special catalogs for scratch-and-dent and other clearance items;
  • Set rules to price-scrape competitors and meet or beat their retails.

Taken together, this marriage of marketing and technological expertise, or MarTech, is a core BrandSource asset. It puts you on a competitive plane with the box stores at a fraction of your cost and frees you up to be the best retailer you can be.

So, let our cloud-based services support your business while you and your staff aim for the stars.

To learn more about the many benefits of BrandSource membership, please click here.

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Bundle Up for Unbeatable Q4 Savings

October 3, 2022

Bundle Up for Unbeatable Q4 Savings

Q4 is all about digital first retail, so how do you make the most
out of the prime selling season? With a bundle from AVB Marketing.

BrandSource members have access to the best minds in the retail marketing business, and that’s never more valuable than right now. 

The Q4 bundle puts the strongest marketing tools together for you so you can capitalize on the year-end shopping season and not miss a single sale. 

Best of all, the whole package includes a HUGE match offer that will help you get more for your money. That means for every dollar you spend to optimize your Q4 marketing strategy, you’ll get additional funds from AVB Marketing to boost your plan and win the season. 

Starting right now with the Fall Into Savings promotion, straight through Black November and all the way to the Year-End Savings package, AVB Marketing knows exactly how to help you finish the year strong with the most effective technology tools and marketing plans in the industry. 


As a BrandSource member, you’ll have the power and forward-thinking creativity of AVB Marketing in your pocket every day. 

To learn more about AVB Marketing’s promotional campaigns and the many other benefits of BrandSource membership, please click here.

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Service Playbook – Your Secret Weapon

September 26, 2022

Service Playbook – Your Secret Weapon

If you run a service department, you know what you’re up against.
The BrandSource Service Playbook is your secret weapon. 

Created by the group’s National Service Committee to provide in-depth information and assistance to members, the Service Playbook is a one-stop shop for all the  guidance, tips and industry info you need to make your service department a profit center for your business. 

The Service Playbook contains the kind of information only an organization with more than 5,000 member-owners can muster, including techniques to help you find, train and retain skilled technicians, forge industry affiliations to aid training and recruiting and build partnerships with manufacturers and parts suppliers. 


This comprehensive tactical guide – just one item in an extensive collection of member benefits – covers everything from tech retention, training and compensation to parts inventory, fleet management and national servicer associations. You’ll also find a sample recruitment letter to help attract budding service techs; a checklist for ensuring customer satisfaction; and perhaps most important of all, a step-by-step guide to calculating the cost of your service calls, which is indispensable in setting competitive but profitable billing rates.

And that’s just the beginning! So join the more than 75 percent of BrandSource members who perform their own repairs and together we will meet the challenges of today’s servicing dealers. Come to a group that understands and supports its independent servicers. Come home to BrandSource.

To learn more about ServiceSource and the many other benefits of BrandSource membership,
please click here.

Everyone likes a good deal, whether you’re a retailer or a shopper.

But BrandSource — the largest member-owned merchandising and marketing group for independent furniture and appliance dealers — goes above and beyond by making good deals great.

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Take the Mystery Out of Hiring with HR Playbook

September 20, 2022

take the mystery out of hiring with HR Playbook

More than backorders and soaring prices at the pump, finding and keeping retail talent remains the No. 1 challenge for most merchants. HRSource has the experts and knowledge to help you stay ahead of the curve.


To put all the latest research and tools straight into your hands, we offer  HRSource – a comprehensive collection of customized tools for recruiting, hiring and retaining top-shelf staff. 

It’s just one of the many initiatives AVB BrandSource has devised to help you beat your competitors, stay at the forefront of evolving technologies and remain profitably in business.

One of the most valuable tools in the HRSource toolbox is the HR Playbook, a thorough guide to recruiting, hiring and retaining retail staff. Developed for the independent retailer, the workbook provides innovative approaches and practical strategies to steer members through the labor crunch, including interview tips, hiring blunders and how to attract and evaluate candidates.

HRSource also features Handbook-In-a-Box, a fully customizable rulebook for employees that sets a dealer’s HR policy and protects the business from potential liability. Valued at upwards of $5,000, the Handbook-In-a-Box, like the HR Playbook, is free for all members.

What’s more, HRSource brings you the services of CareerPlug, a national recruiting software firm that automates the hiring process for more than 12,000 small businesses.

Taken together, BrandSource has all the tools to help you succeed in this historically tight labor market and beat
the help-wanted blues.

To learn more about HRSource, CareerPlug and the many other benefits of BrandSource membership, please click the tab below:

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Invest in Yourself With BSF

September 9, 2022

Invest In yourself with BSF

BrandSource Financial offers the best economic value proposition in the industry to help you
improve your bottom line.

BrandSource members who use BSF, the in-house inventory financing solution, are investing in their business and their group. Unlike with other financing plans, profits from the program go back to you in the form of annual cash distribution dividends (ACD). This year’s ACD amount is forecasted to be half a point, or $500 for every $100,000 financed through BSF.

BrandSource Financial has the commercial clout to offer members extended terms that can improve cash flow, boost sales and increase their return on investment.

Rather than paying vendors direct for inventory within 15-30 days, BSF finances invoices on scheduled payment terms. Length of financing is typically over a 60-90 day period, though display or show floor orders may have 6-12 month terms. Our system is completely automated for order approvals and invoice payments, which streamlines members’ payables process.

Like BrandSource, BSF is member-owned, which means decisions are made by and for members. What’s more, BSF never requires exclusivity. In fact, most BrandSource members use a second resource in addition to BSF, such as a vendor or third-party provider, which provides even greater liquidity with generally more credit facilities. 

Enrolling is effortless, thanks to the user-friendly e-Sign application process. With annual dream vacation giveaways for members, strong testimonials, high member satisfaction and a long list of approved suppliers, BSF is the very best way to support your inventory financing needs.

To learn more about BrandSource Financial and the many other benefits of BrandSource membership, please click , please click here.
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News You Can Use

September 6, 2022

News You Can Use

In today’s connected, always-on world, we’re bombarded with information from countless sources ranging from social media and cable TV to good old-fashioned newspapers.

But with furniture and appliance dealers working around the clock to keep up with record demand, there’s little time to sort through the information overload. Surely there’s news out there that can make your business even more successful, but how to find it?

That’s where BrandSource comes in. Recognizing the need for an accurate, reliable and timely source of relevant business news, the country’s largest member-owned buying group for independent dealers has its own news source: YourSource.

With a staff that boasts more than half a century of combined publishing, retail reporting, magazine production and web design experience, YourSource News has quickly become “The Voice of Independent Retail” for BrandSource members across the country. Comprised of a news and information site (, a four-times a week newsletter and a quarterly magazine, YourSource delivers all the news you need to succeed, including:

  • Industry intelligence
  • Inventory forecasts
  • Vendor insights
  • Product trends
  • Expert how-to articles
  • “How-they-did-it” dealer profiles
  • The latest BrandSource initiatives.

Taken together, YourSource provides the kind of actionable information that helped guide our members through the pandemic and resulting industry boom, while shedding light on the business tools and best practices that can make your company even more efficient and profitable.

And all served up in an easy-to-access format to save you time and, ultimately, money.

But when it comes right down to it, YourSource is simply an extension of BrandSource’s core principle of members helping members. So join the other 5,000 independent furniture, appliance and electronics dealers who together are BrandSource Strong, and let BrandSource and YourSource help you become the best retailer you can be.

To learn more about YourSource and the many other benefits of BrandSource membership, please click here.

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