June 29, 2021

Brandsource Delivers the Goods

Wasn’t too long ago that price promotions nearly killed the TV business. But times have certainly changed.

Back then many independent dealers left video for greener pastures. But new generations of super-sized, high-margin displays, combined with record demand by today’s stay-at-home consumers, means it may very well be time to get back in.

For those looking to reenter the category, the BrandSource buying organization has the right TVs for you. Our national Expert Warehouse (EW) distribution arm specializes in consumer tech, and for 16 years has supplied BrandSource members with cutting-edge panels and complimentary audio gear that would have otherwise been out of reach to appliance and furniture stores.

To underscore EW’s tech cred, it also serves as the trusted, go-to source for the audio/video needs of ProSource, BrandSource’s $6 billion custom-integration affiliate and the country’s largest CE specialty buying group.


By making large-volume investments in inventory, and providing BrandSource and ProSource members across the country with mixed truckloads of small-quantity orders, Expert Warehouse has helped independent dealers go toe-to-toe with national and regional box chains on both price and availability.

Today, thanks to BrandSource’s massive buying power and EW’s logistical know-how, we stand as the independent dealer’s best source for consumer electronics and related services. So, whether you’re looking for an entry-level TV, a mid-tier LG OLED, or Samsung’s new 110-inch MicroLED marvel (suggested retail: $150,000!), let Expert Warehouse’s dedicated tech team help you get back in the game right out of the box.

To learn more about Expert Warehouse and the many other benefits of BrandSource membership, please click here.

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