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February 26, 2024

BrandSource events help members win

BrandSource events: The secret ingredient
to members’ success

Independent retailers who participate in BrandSource events reap the benefits in many ways. These gatherings — whether with a handful of regional neighbors or thousands of colleagues at national events — are always ground zero for great new ideas, guidance and support.


In addition to industry-leading marketing technology, the best retail programs in the business and countless other benefits, BrandSource events are invaluable for members who want to win their markets and beat their competition.

BrandSource events give members unmatched advantages

Summit: The first national BrandSource event of the year

Every year, BrandSource and its affiliate groups — ProSource, Intercounty, NEAG and Mega Group BrandSource Canada — collaborate on a major in-person event that includes a huge EXPO trade show, education and training for members in their respective industries and networking opportunities. Summit is where members learn what’s new and what’s ahead in the industry, meet with vendors and get incredible buying opportunities at the Stampede.


August is when BrandSource members gather for the national Convention, an event that offers an incredible lineup of manufacturer trainings, educational sessions and social networking events. There’s also the two-day EXPO trade show and Stampede buying event.

Region meetings

Region meetings are as important to members’ continuing growth and success as national BrandSource events, as these smaller and more intimate gatherings give members greater access to guest speakers, vendor partners, AVB staff and other industry experts, and provide additional opportunities to share best practices with area businesses.

Women in Business and Young Professionals

These specialty groups offer unique networking and enrichment events. Women in Business, for the increasing number of women in the traditionally male independent retail industry, hosts a special event during national BrandSource events featuring an inspiration speaker or experience. Young Professionals, the 40-and-unders who make up the next generation of the independent appliance, furniture, mattress and electronics retail industry, have a variety sponsored networking and educational events every year.


Taken together, BrandSource events provide a unique benefit to members that is unrivaled at other buying groups. We know what it takes for retailers to leave their businesses, so we strive to make every event worthy of the sacrifices they make to attend. We like to say you’ll return home with at least one idea you can put into practice immediately, but the truth is you’ll go home with a pocket full of actionable concepts that will change your business for the better.

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