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March 8, 2024

BrandSource Financial: Investing In your success

Boost your bottom line with the best economic value proposition in the industry


BrandSource Financial was created 14 years ago to answer members’ call for an in-house financing program. Since then, BSF has become a vital component of BrandSource’s suite of benefits for members.

Improve your sales and cash flow

There are many reasons to participate in BSF for your independent appliance, furniture, mattress or electronics business.
Let us answer a few frequently asked questions to prove our point.

How does it work?

Rather than paying vendors direct for inventory within 15-30 days, BrandSource Financial finances invoices on scheduled payment terms. Length of financing is typically over a 60-90 day period, though display or show floor orders may have 6-12 month terms. Our system is completely automated for order approvals and invoice payments, which streamlines members’ payables process.

How does it help you make more money?

BrandSource Financial turns over program profits to members in the form of annual dash distributions. Right now, payout is at half a point or 50 basis points, which translates to $500 back for every $100,000 in annual volume financed through BSF. On average, participating members get an ACD of roughly $6,500 each, and many dealers receive well over $25,000.

Who makes the decisions?

Like BrandSource, BrandSource Financial is member-owned, which means decisions are made by and for members. What’s more, BSF never requires exclusivity. In fact, most BrandSource members use a second resource in addition to BSF, such as a vendor or third-party provider, which provides even greater liquidity with generally more credit facilities.

Isn’t signing up a big hassle?

No! With an effortless e-Sign application process, you’ll be off and running. BrandSource Financial also provides step-by-step assistance and a user manual.

Our secret weapon for member dealers

With more than 60 vendor partners participating and rave reviews from users, BrandSource Financial has a record you can trust and the industry clout you need. Would your business boom with an assist from BrandSource Financial? Click to find out more about BSF and all the benefits of BrandSource membership.

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