March 9, 2021

BrandSource Region Calls Keep Members Keyed In

Through good times and bad, the BrandSource buying group has always been a family, and its core strength has been its unity.

Now, as members continue to face an uncertain business climate, that bond is no different, and the group is meeting the challenge together.

Besides webinars, CEO addresses, e-newsletters and an up-to-the-minute news site, BrandSource is keeping its members keyed into pertinent group, industry and government developments through a regular schedule of Region Check-Ins. The roughly hour-long sessions, held for each of the group’s 15 regions, also provide a forum for members to discuss their challenges and successes amid delivery delays and COVID concerns, further fostering the group’s esprit de corps.

By sharing their experiences during these virtual meetings, dealers enjoy the support of BrandSource staff, region presidents, and perhaps most important, each other, to help troubleshoot any obstacles they may face. At the same time, members’ ideas, tips and operational insights assist their fellow BrandSource dealers across the country in navigating the new retail landscape.

It’s all part of something we call the “M Factor”: Members helping members. In our more than half a century of serving the independent retail channel and taking on the national competition, we’ve learned that dealers truly are Better Together. And by unleashing the power of the M Factor, whether through region meetings, region boards or Region Check-Ins, we’ve built a culture of success and fraternity where BrandSource members thrive.

The value of the Check-Ins was underscored by Ronald Rodenbaugh, co-owner of Rodenbaugh’s in Allen, Texas. “Having backup from the group and advice on how to handle these new and unknown issues gives me solace,” he said. “The best practices from the other dealers are a great way to keep ahead in these difficult times.”

Valerie Braun, Manager at Quality Appliance in Faribault, Minn., agreed. “Thank you all for putting together the phone conferences,” she said. “Sharing information and brainstorming is essential!”

BrandSource COO Dave Meekings summed it all up. “The Check-Ins are an important way for members and staff to communicate,” he said. “They allow members to discuss issues specific to their region; to learn about the latest developments from the group, the industry and government agencies; to ask questions; and to share best practices.”

“Perhaps most important,” he added, “it brings the members together.”

To find out more about the many benefits of BrandSource membership, please click here.

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