September 28, 2020

Calling All Servicing Dealers — BrandSource Has Your Back!

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If you run a service department you know what you’re up against — billing rates that don’t cover costs; finding and keeping qualified techs; and increasingly complex appliances with vendor-specific parts that require multiple truck rolls.

BrandSource feels your pain and has created a special committee of servicing members to help tackle the challenges. Backed by the buying group’s $20 billion clout with manufacturers, the National Service Committee has launched a series of initiatives to return profitability to repair work for the more than 75 percent of BrandSource members running service operations.


Most immediate is an exclusive, 32-page Service Playbook that is being distributed to all servicing BrandSource members. This invaluable resource is a comprehensive tactical guide covering everything from tech retention, training and compensation, to inventory control, fleet management and even a calculator for setting competitive but profitable billing rates.

working man plumber repairs a washing machine in   laundry
working man plumber repairs a washing machine in   laundry

A prime example of BrandSource’s complimentary value-adds, the Service Playbook also offers advice on improving first-call completes, turning house calls into high-margin sales opportunities, and other best practices from BrandSource’s servicing members, along with a complete listing of key vendors, industry associations, parts distributors, warranty providers and educational outlets. 

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Besides the Service Playbook, BrandSource’s National Service Committee has been working diligently to forge a host of strategic partnerships that give our servicing dealers a competitive edge. Among them:


  • Teaming up with the Professional Service Association (PSA) for access to its vast library of service bulletins and wiring diagrams; its nationwide peer-to-peer advice platform; and its discounted, ISO-approved tech certification program.
  • Providing discounted BrandSource rates for Master Samurai Tech (MST), a leading online training academy for appliance repair techs.
  • Partnering with Reliable Parts, one of the largest appliance parts distributors in North America, for BrandSource-exclusive payment terms, freight charges, return windows and sign-up bonuses.

And aligning with the United Appliance Servicers Association (UASA), North America’s largest appliance repair trade group, which provides a best-practices archive of service and warranty claims advice; a servicer chat forum; reduced rates for insurance, healthcare, vehicle rentals, office supplies, and uniform and payroll services;  plus access to training videos, webinars and reputation management software.

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And that’s just the beginning! So join the more than 75 percent of BrandSource members who perform their own repairs and together we will meet the challenges of today’s servicing dealers. Come to a group that understands and supports its independent servicers. Come home to BrandSource.

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