January 18, 2021

Change is Scary; Let BrandSource Ease the Way

Let’s face it: Whether it’s a new home, a new store or a new buying group, big changes can be unsettling.

There are new procedures to follow, new forms to fill out, and all the particulars in between. But we shouldn’t let the fear of “new” prevent us from making changes that will benefit our businesses and families.

That’s why BrandSource, the leading member-owned marketing and merchandising organization for independent appliance and home furnishings dealers, ensures that joining our group is seamless. As part of our White Glove onboarding process, we take care of all details to make your transition simple and smooth, and to get you up and running quickly with all the services and support you choose.

It begins by introducing the BrandSource team — Region Managers and Member Relations staff, who are there night and day to make your group experience productive … and profitable!

Next, we want to hear about you and your business. What are your successes? What are your challenges? And where can BrandSource help? Whether it’s our digital marketing programs, e-commerce solutions, inventory and consumer financing, servicing support, or margin-enhancing merchandising, we’ll help you tap every BrandSource benefit to keep you miles ahead of the competition.

So let BrandSource put your worries to rest and welcome you with white gloves. You deserve nothing less.

To learn more about BrandSource and our new member reception, please click here.

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