August 30, 2021

Double Trouble

Expert Warehouse Delivers the Goods

Thanks to our group’s laser focus on the builder channel and luxe, BrandSource members are tapping into two of the fastest growing spaces in our industry — and taking even more market share from their neighbors.

With interest rates historically low and new home construction at an all-time high, we’re targeting commercial customers with tailored messaging for builders, contractors, architects, designers and homeowners.

To supply them, we’re uncapping large-order opportunities through industry-leading merchandising programs with top manufacturers. And to finance them, we offer risk management services for large projects through Capital One Builder Solutions, and extended terms for credit management via Citibank.

We’re also leveraging those vendor partnerships to bring commercial customers into the lap of luxury with super-premium products, and support the assortments with branded campaigns featuring full video content that showcase the luxe lifestyle.

But whether your bid is for fully custom luxury or basic builder fare, BrandSource is incorporating brand-based SKU productivity reports that spotlight the “go-to” models for maximum profitability and availability.

Members also benefit from networking opportunities and best-practice insights gleaned from fellow attendees at national BrandSource and industry shows such as KBIS, IBS and CES, while store locators drive trade professionals to their showrooms for the personal touch.

So whether you’re looking to expand your builder business or diversify your retail mix, BrandSource has the tools, expertise and connections to give your competitors a double dose of insomnia.


For more information BrandSource’s builder and luxury programs and  the many other benefits of BrandSource membership, please click here.

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