June 1, 2021

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Service (But Didn’t Know Who to Ask)

It’s tough enough running a retail business, but when you add service to the mix, things really get tough.

That’s because self-servicing dealers face a multitude of added challenges, like billing rates that don’t cover costs; finding (and keeping) qualified techs: and complicated, high-tech appliances with vendor-specific parts that require multiple, and costly, truck rolls.

BrandSource, the nation’s largest buying co-op for independent appliance and home furnishings dealers, knows what you’re up against. That’s because more than 80 percent of our members are servicers — and why we’ve been working overtime to address their hurdles.

Through the efforts of a National Service Committee comprised of servicing members and BrandSource leadership, we’ve partnered with vendors, parts distributors, trade groups and training academies to bring meaningful change to the appliance service industry. At the same time, we’re delivering the benefits of best practices, discounted services, and actionable advice to our members, including expert guidance from BrandSource consultant and industry veteran Paul MacDonald, principal of the PMDGroup.

But of all our many service initiatives, perhaps none was more eagerly anticipated than the BrandSource Service Playbook. First released last fall, this exclusive, 32-page resource is a comprehensive tactical guide for servicers that addresses everything from tech retention, training, and compensation, to inventory control, fleet management, and marketing strategy.

An indispensable guide for both new and seasoned servicers, the Service Playbook also includes:


  • A calculator for determining profitable billing rates
  • Advice on improving first-call completes
  • How-to’s on turning house calls into high-margin sales opportunities
  • And a comprehensive contact list of key vendors, industry associations, parts distributors, warranty providers and educational outlets.

The BrandSource Service Playbook is just one example of the way we go to bat for our servicing dealers, and of the complimentary value-adds we provide to all our members.

To learn more about the Service Playbook and other service initiatives, as well as the many other benefits of BrandSource membership, please click here.

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