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March 11, 2024

Experience the BrandSource White Glove Welcome

With you every step of the way


We know how big a deal it is to change buying groups. The thought of making the switch can sometimes be enough to keep you where you are, even if it’s not the best fit for you. That’s where BrandSource’s white glove welcome comes in. 

Change is scary; joining BrandSource is not

Our promise is that joining BrandSource will be the second-easiest thing you can do. (The first easiest will be to watch your bottom line grow as you implement the tools and platforms you have access to as a member.) Our white glove welcome is designed to make sure your transition to BrandSource is easy, seamless and successful. 

Region managers and member relations pros

Our staff of experts will walk you step by step through the transition process, making sure you have everything you need. It starts with the initial onboarding call, during which you’ll meet the team members who will shepherd you through the change. This is also when we identify what your key needs are and start planning how to meet them. 

MTEQ tools

One of the greatest benefits of BrandSource membership is your access to the full suite of digital marketing techniques developed by AVB Marketing. During your transition, you’ll have the opportunity to learn all about them and talk through which ones will most benefit you right out of the gate and how to best implement them. 

White glove checklist


What are some of the items you’ll go over with your transition team? Get a load of the options you’ll be presented with: 


      • AVB Marketing
      • BrandSource Financial
      • Margin enhancements
      • Consumer Financing
      • Expert Warehouse
      • ServiceSource solutions
      • Vendor programs

Exceptional care and attention


No matter what your needs are or what your past experiences have taught you, our white glove onboarding process will make it simple to be part of the best buying group in the independent retail industry for appliance, mattress, furniture and electronics dealers. 


We live by our mission: It’s all about the member. Our commitment is to put those words into practice from your first moment with the transition team. To find out more about the white glove onboarding process and what it would look like for you, or for more about the benefits of BrandSource membership, click below.  

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