June 29, 2020

Four Payment Processing Options To Empower Your Online Business

Online shopping

Accepting credit card payments online is a critical component to your digital sales success.

But which Payment Gateway is the best for your business?

Credit acceptance on your siTe

Allowing direct input and acceptance of credit card details on your site is a critical option for those customers who wish to process directly with you. Securely accept payments via your AVB secure website is fast, convenient and streamlined with our easy 4 step mobile checkout.


With a simple integration, getting transactional with Paypal is the fastest way to start accepting payments online. With over 70 million people using Paypal, the brand trust is immediate and solidifies your commitment to the customer that security is a priority.

PayPal app
Amazon app shopping

Amazon Pay

The most known brand in the world revolutionized the payment processing industry. With a click of a button, a customer on your site can seamlessly log into their Amazon account to quickly and securely deliver their credit card information to close the sale.

Apply & Buy

The new “Apply & Buy” initiative, developed by AVB and Citibank, allows online shoppers to apply for the private-label BrandSource Credit Card at checkout. Approval takes just seconds, after which the purchase can be applied to the new account and customers can take advantage of any special financing offers for a true buy-on-the-fly experience.

Couple online purchase

We’ve seen a 300% increase in online order counts across our member websites.
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