August 26, 2020

Gain Customers Through Your Marketing and Videos

Social Media Users

Social media is no longer just a digital distraction. Even before the pandemic, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and similar platforms were becoming an important marketing medium for independent dealers.

Now, during the lockdowns and quarantines stemming from COVID-19, social media and promotional videos have become even more critical to the success of small businesses.

Given the right tools, Main Street stores can have an online impact that far exceeds their brick-and-mortar footprint, rivaling even their biggest box-store rivals. And thanks to AVB Marketing, the digital services arm of the BrandSource buying group, the playing field has not only been leveled, but the advantage is going to Team BrandSource.

Among AVB Marketing’s latest innovations is a turnkey social media program for engaging current customers and attracting new ones. Depending upon which service level they choose (Basic, Good, Great and Premier), members can receive up to 34 pre-made digital messages each month that are ready for posting to websites and social media accounts. 

Social Media Packages

Content includes:

  • Category-related videos spotlighting appliances, mattresses or furniture
  • Product-related lifestyle posts under such themes as “Foodie Friday” for appliances, “Stylish Saturday” for furniture, and “Mattress Monday,” for bedding
  • Rich media posts celebrating lighthearted holidays like Best Friend Day or Celebrate National Puppy Day
  • Anniversary announcements for brands and store openings
  • Social media contests hosted on Facebook and members’ websites and flagged with promotional banners

For member-specific videos, AVB Marketing offers everything from advice on shooting, editing and posting DIY clips with an iPhone, to creating professionally produced commercials for broadcast and cable TV. Members variously use their videos to announce store hours, safety procedures, special events or sales promotions, or to introduce staff, profile new products or even conduct cooking lessons

But regardless of the message or the medium, “It is most important that we stay in front of our customers,” advised BrandSource member Mason Lafferty of Lafferty’s Home Center in Texas. And AVB Marketing is here to help you do so.


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