May 25, 2021

Leave Your Website to Us

If retailers have learned anything from the pandemic, it’s that their websites sites have become their new flagship stores.

That means that merchandising their online showrooms effectively is even more critical than merchandising their physical sales floors. Indeed, with shoppers doing more research and making more purchases digitally than ever before, it’s become imperative for e-commerce sites to present best-selling and in-stock items first, and for products to always be priced competitively.

Unfortunately, unless you’ve hired a dedicated digital merchant, most retailers don’t have time to manage their online assortment. That’s where BrandSource comes in.


Our LINQ4U service, a supplement to our LINQ online merchandising portal, is like having a dedicated digital team in-house. With LINQ4U, we set up the portal and handle all online merchandising duties. Website promotions, display models, product bundles, extended warranties and, most importantly, pricing are all updated by us. This assures that your transactional site remains

Want to know what else BrandSource’s LINQ4U team can do for you? How about:


  • Integrating your POS with your website
  • Setting up payment gateways
  • Suggesting high-margin add-on accessories to shoppers
  • Applying delivery, installation or haul-away fees at checkout
  • Creating special catalogs for clearance items and other select inventory

Now, full disclosure: Our new, completely redesigned LINQ 2.0 iteration is so intuitive and simple to use that many BrandSource members perform these duties themselves. But for those who are simply too preoccupied with day-to-day operations to stay on top of their online merchandising, our LINQ4U assisted service truly is for you.

To learn more about LINQ4U and the many other benefits of BrandSource membership, please click here.

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