May 3, 2021

Let Their Fingers Do the Walking

Back in the old days, the Yellow Pages, a printed business directory, promoted the convenience of shopping by phone with the tagline, “Let Your Fingers Do the Walking.”

Fast-forward to the present, and fingers — whether clicking a mouse or tapping a smartphone — are quickly catching up with feet as the preferred method of shopping.

Fortunately for the dealers of AVB/BrandSource, our member-owned buying group was better-prepared than most for the crush of online sales that came with customer-confining quarantines. Appliance, furniture and tech retailers who embraced our affordable, state-of-the-art e-commerce platform enjoyed record transactions, order counts and online conversions, and are positioned to continue outperforming their big-box and independent competitors.

What makes BrandSource websites so special? Created in-house by our AVB Marketing arm and continuously updated by our bleeding-edge developers, our industry-leading transactional sites are simply faster, more Google-friendly, and easier to shop than just about anything out there. Favorite features include:


  • Flags for in-stock items
  • Payment gateways with “apply-and-buy” financing
  • High-margin accessory offers at checkout; and
  • An online merchandising portal that lets dealers set price rules, showcase promotions, highlight best-sellers, and create custom product packages.

Bundled together under your store brand, these online selling tools are a powerful differentiator in the marketplace — and are sure to keep your customers’ fingers walking to the “Buy Now” button long into the future.

To learn more about AVB’s e-commerce clout and the many benefits of BrandSource membership, please click here.

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