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AVB TV is an incredible new marketing service designed to take your in-store and online customer experiences to a whole new level! AVB TV streams high definition video on demand from the cloud directly to your stores, website and online platforms using cutting edge technology and features original programming not available anywhere else! Special guests, subject matter experts, and personalities will engage, entertain and create awareness for your business.

Quality programs, vignettes, series, mini-documentaries and webisodes to enhance the customer experience which can lead to increased sales. And all of your brand video assets will be available to include on your playlists so you can maximize all available video for consumer engagements as well as any training videos for your store personnel.

AVB TV also brings promotions to life in a spectacular digital video format so your customers get the message at the point of contact – online, on the go, or in your store. Plus, product video highlighting innovations and features. You can even add your own commercials and videos to the playlists and you decide what plays where in your store!