May 11, 2021

Serving the Appliance Servicers

Competing as a retailer in today’s marketplace is tough enough; add a service department to the mix and the hurdles quickly begin to mount.

Indeed, today’s self-servicing appliance dealers face a multitude of challenges — everything from increasingly complex products and inadequate billing rates, to finding (and keeping) qualified service technicians.

At BrandSource, we understand the impediments to service profitability, perhaps more than most. That’s because fully 80 percent of BrandSource members are appliance servicers too.

But understanding alone isn’t nearly enough. That’s why, beginning with the creation of a member-led National Service Committee, BrandSource has rolled out a wide range of unmatched service initiatives, including:


  • An exclusive, 32-page Service Playbook that tackles everything from tech retention, training and compensation, to inventory control, fleet management and billing rates.
  • Strategic partnerships with leading trade associations, training academies and parts suppliers, including the United Appliance Servicers Association (UASA), Master Samurai Tech (MST) and Reliable Parts.
  • Training and educational sessions during BrandSource’s bi-annual national shows, and service-specific digital marketing campaigns developed by our advertising arm, AVB Marketing.

Most recently, BrandSource launched the first in a regular series of Service Town Halls, hosted by members, staff and expert consultants, where self-servicing dealers can share their concerns and hear practical, real-world solutions.

Together, by leveraging the insights and industry clout of our 5,000-strong dealer organization, we can help make all our service departments profitable and all our businesses grow.

Sound good? To learn more about BrandSource’s commitment to servicer and the many other benefits of membership, please click here.

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