February 22, 2021


Consumers were already migrating to online shopping when COVID struck.

Then, seemingly overnight, transactional websites became a critical lifeline for customers and storeowners. Online sales skyrocketed at an unprecedented pace, and digital adoption is expected to continue unabated this year and beyond.

Fortunately for BrandSource dealers, our buying group already had an industry-leading merchandising portal in place that lets members present their most popular products and current pricing online.

Created by our in-house development team and labeled LINQ, the easy-to-use interface quickly became an essential tool for e-tail — and contributed to BrandSource members’ better-than 800 percent increase in online transactions last year.


Here’s more good news for independent dealers: The industry’s best merchandising platform just got even better. LINQ 2.0 has been completely redesigned, making it faster, more intuitive and even simpler to use than before. In addition, the new, improved LINQ lets you customize your merchandising tactics (for example, posting in-stock items only), and has been optimized for mobile for access from any size screen.

Easy as the interface is, some dealers are simply too preoccupied with day-to-day operations to manage the program themselves, or too short-staffed to assign an employee. For those storeowners, BrandSource offers LINQ4U, an assisted service in which portal set-up and online merchandising duties are handled by our dedicated digital team. With LINQ4U, extended warranties, product bundles, promotions, display models and, most importantly, pricing can be updated automatically, keeping websites current and freeing up members to focus on other tasks.

Of course, the latest version of LINQ continues to offer the same features that first made it a hit with appliance, home furnishings and consumer tech stores, including:

• Setting rules to price-scrape competitors’ offers and meet or beat their prices
• Creating special catalogs for scratch-and-dent and other clearance models
• Flagging products that are on sale, in stock or offer special features
• Building custom product packages out of overstock or vendor specials.

But don’t just take our word for it. Member praise for LINQ 2.0 has been off the charts, as exemplified by Pete Kossaras, owner of Kurt’s Appliance Center in St. Johns, Mich. His one-word review: “Wow!”

So get on board with the best digital merchandising tool in town. And while you’re at it, learn about the other marketing, merchandising and support services that have made BrandSource the No. 1 member-owned buying group for America’s independent dealers.

To find out more about the many benefits of BrandSource membership,  please click here.

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