September 17, 2020

The Groups Within the BrandSource Group

AVB Temas

You may have heard that BrandSource is America’s largest merchandising and marketing group for independent appliance, furniture, bedding and consumer tech dealers. And that as a true retail co-op, it is 100-percent owned by its nearly 5,000 members.

All true.

What you may not realize is that BrandSource itself is comprised of a host of committees, boards and specialty sub-groups. These units are there to support your specific business needs, and to provide added opportunities for networking, socializing or leadership roles depending on your time and interests.

Among the latter are a national Board of Directors comprised of a chairman, vice chairman, treasurer and secretary, and 15 Region Boards led by a locally elected president. All are comprised of member dealers who play a vital role in setting policy, working with vendors, organizing regional meetings, and assisting fellow members.

AVB Board
AVB Regional

For those with more specific interests, BrandSource hosts a number of sub-groups that are tailored to a particular class of trade. Our two Power Dealers groups, for example, are comprised of high-volume members, often with multiple store locations, that generate over $20 million a year in retail revenue within the major appliance or home furnishings categories. The Appliance Power Dealers and Furniture Power Dealers pow-wow regularly to share best practices and operational insights that are unique to large retail operations.


For members seeking a voice in the industry and a say in group direction, BrandSource hosts three separate BrandSource Committees. These member-run panels respectively address the group’s merchandising programs and vendor relationships; the unique challenges of self-servicing dealers; and the ever-changing world of consumer tech sales. The committees underscore BrandSource’s much-vaunted “M” Factor: members helping members, as expressed in our motto “Better Together,” while also serving the greater industry by investing in their livelihoods.

For the ladies of BrandSource and their vendors, the group established Women In Business (WIB), a six-year-old support organization designed to educate, empower and inspire female professionals in the appliance, furniture, bedding and consumer tech sectors. The group meets regularly at BrandSource functions, and the gatherings are highlighted by guest speakers and the conferring of the annual Women In Business Cornerstone Award to a role-model member, who has successfully bridged the gender gap in our traditionally male-dominated industries.


One of the most popular organizations under the BrandSource umbrella is the Young Professionals group. Created in 2014 to serve as a breeding ground for future industry leaders, this under-40 club is comprised of young, highly motivated dealers, sales reps, buyers, sales managers and vendor partners, all looking to share new ideas and grow their businesses. The Young Professionals hold social gatherings and networking events during BrandSource conventions, and their dedication and business smarts bode well for members’ succession strategies and BrandSource’s own plans for its future.


So whether you’re looking to bend an elbow, pound a gavel, make new friends or forge lasting change in an industry, BrandSource offers something for everyone while placing fellowship above all else.

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