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March 29, 2024

The Inside Scoop for Members

Independent retail is tricky

To stay on top of everything you need to know to do business — industry trends, group updates, member news and more — you need a source of information you can trust. Where can you turn to get the inside scoop?

BrandSource is the communications hub you’ve been looking for

In addition to offering industry-leading retail programs, digital marketing platforms and business intelligence, we also put a premium on great communication with members. We know how complicated it is to succeed as an independent appliance, furniture, mattress or electronics dealer, and it’s our mission to help you do just that. But how do members know what’s happening?


We have created a system that ensures you have access to all the news, updates, announcements and guidance you need, today and every day.

Our flagship website is where you’ll find the top group and industry news every day of the week. Our user-friendly interface shows you all the news stories, industry updates, special announcements and anything else that can help you make smart decisions and do business better.

YourSource Magazine

Our quarterly print publication is a glossy magazine filled with feature-length articles, briefs about the goings-on in the regions and columns by our guest experts. Our legacy publication, YourSource is where you’ll find in-depth accounts of members and vendors, words of wisdom from CEO Jim Ristow and stunning design and graphics. 


Your time is valuable and we don’t want you to have to dig to find the info you need, so we put it right into your virtual hands.

    • YourSource News: Three days a week (and a recap on Saturdays), we put the top three stories of the day together and deliver it straight to your inbox to make it easy for you to stay up to date.
    • ServiceSource: All the latest ideas and information for servicing dealers. First Thursday of the month.
    • HRSource: Tips, tricks and how-tos focused on finding, hiring and retaining the very best employees. Second Thursday of the month.
    • FurnitureTechnology Source: Furniture industry-specific news and updates just for the dealers who most need this specialized info. Third Thursday of the month.
    • MTEQ Monthly: Ideas and insights on how to maximize your digital marketing efforts and build your bottom line. Fourth Thursday of the month.
    • Women in Business: Sent out quarterly, this is where you’ll find links to podcasts, videos and other tidbits to help you feel inspired and empowered.
    • Young Professionals: A collection of links and news geared to help the next generation in our industry find ideas and encouragement. Quarterly.

      The Voice of Independent Retail

Through these communication efforts, BrandSource is your destination for accurate, reliable and timely news, updates and guidance. Everything we do is designed to keep members profitably in business, and communication is the cornerstone of that mission.


To find out more about our dedication to great communication and all the benefits of BrandSource membership, click below.

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