August 3, 2020

The “M” Factor: Unleashing the Power of Dealers Like You


BrandSource has changed the course of independent retail by reinventing what a buying group is and what a buying group does. Its mission for the last half century — ensuring the success of the family-owned dealer — has been achieved by thinking nationally, acting locally and embracing the “M” Factor: Members helping members.

Who We Are:

BrandSource is member-driven co-op for independent appliance, home furnishings and consumer tech dealers with $20 billion in buying clout. The group spans the U.S. yet operates regionally, with each of fifteen geographic areas focused on issues unique to their locales.

Why Regions Are Important:

Like the national organization, BrandSource Regions are led by and for the members. Each is headed by a member-elected Board and supported by BrandSource Region Managers and the Member Relations Team. Together they serve the needs of dealers that are specific to their part of the country.

Regions are important
AVB regional meetings

Meeting Together to Grow Together:

Each Region meets four times a year: twice regionally, at a Summer Meeting and Fall Town Hall, and during two national BrandSource events, the Spring Summit and Fall Convention. The Region gatherings (which may be held online in the interim) provide an opportunity to seek advice, share best practices, form friendships … and experience the power of the “M” Factor. Members also meet with vendors, attend to Region business and bend an elbow at the end of the day.

Play a Part in Retail’s Evolution:

Help guide the direction of your Region and the group by getting involved. Join a committee, run for the Region or national Board, and empower your employees through participation in BrandSource’s Women in Business and Young Professionals programs.

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