February 17, 2021


You may have heard the expression “Think globally, act locally.”

At BrandSource, America’s largest co-op for independently owned appliance, home furnishings and consumer tech stores, we embrace a variation on the theme: Think nationally, act locally. Many nationwide businesses tout it, but at this buying group we live it.

True, as a $20 billion retail organization, our dealers span all 50 states. Our national programs provide the sharpest pre-negotiated merchandising deals and state-of-the-art digital selling platforms, and our bi-annual conventions and product expos bring members and vendors together from across the country.

But despite our continental scope, BrandSource also operates regionally. In fact, our group is comprised of 15 separate geographic Regions that are led by local members and supported by BrandSource staff. Our regional structure allows dealers to address issues and share insights that are unique to their sections of the country, while benefitting from the buying power and marketing might of a national organization.

Sharing a common bond and leveraging the power of the “M” Factor (members helping members), neighboring BrandSource dealers know they can call upon each other and their elected Region officers, all fellow store owners, to lend an ear, a hand or even inventory.


In addition, each Region meets four times a year: Twice with area dealers for summer and fall retreats, and during two national BrandSource events, the Summit and the Convention, that bring all our members and vendors together. (All have been conducted online during the pandemic, and we plan to resume in-person gatherings soon.)

In between, BrandSource holds a regular series of Region call-ins, hosted by our Leadership Team and our top merchandising and marketing executives.


The get-togethers provide an opportunity to seek advice, exchange ideas, ask questions, form friendships and bend an elbow at the end of the day. We like to think of it as “Meeting together to grow together.”

As you can see, we’ve built a culture of success and fellowship that extends from our national headquarters to every corner of the country — a culture that thinks nationally and acts locally.

To learn more about the benefits  BrandSource membership brings to Main Street,  please click here.

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