April 27, 2021

Under 40? BrandSource Has the Crew for You

You may have heard that BrandSource is America’s largest merchandising and marketing group for independent appliance, furniture, bedding and consumer tech dealers. And that as a retail co-op it is 100-percent owned by its nearly 5,000 members.

All true.

What you may not know is that BrandSource is made up of a multiple sub-groups, boards and committees — all there to support your specific business needs, and to provide added opportunities for networking, socializing or leadership roles.

One of the most popular groups under the BrandSource umbrella is Young Professionals. Created nearly a decade ago as a breeding ground for future industry leaders, this under-40 club is comprised of young, highly motivated dealers, reps, buyers, managers and vendor partners, all looking to share new ideas and grow their businesses.

Like most young people, the Young Professionals are quick to challenge convention, whether it’s industry norms or even BrandSource and member practices. But their pro-active participation has inspired positive change, such as the formation of a Young Professionals Facebook group, which led to the creation of separate FB pages for BrandSource’s countrywide Region chapters.

Traditionally, Young Professionals holds networking events during BrandSource conventions, and convenes for YP University learning academies between shows. Besides the know-how they impart, the complimentary trainings help foment long-term relationships with the vendors and suppliers that flock to these sessions, representing yet another way that younger BrandSource members are reshaping the business. Past YP Universities included a three-day stint in New Orleans, and classes will resume this November in Austin.

More recently, the under-40 crowd gathered virtually during last month’s BrandSource spring Summit for a Samsung-sponsored Comedy Night featuring raucous stand-up comedian Pat McGann. But whether on-site or on Zoom, Young Professionals social gatherings help break the ice and forge lasting bonds between these up-and-comers, while promoting cooperation, support and success.

Like the song says, we believe the children are our future. And given the talent, dedication and business smarts of our Young Professionals, the future looks even brighter for BrandSource.

To learn more about Young Professionals and the many benefits of BrandSource membership, please click here.

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