October 5, 2020

We’ll Be There for You

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You may not appreciate it on the basketball court, but at BrandSource, all of our members are double teamed …

in a good way!

To provide BrandSource dealers with the greatest degree of support, our buying group will assign two staffers to your business: A Region Manager and a Member Relations Specialist.

It’s the job of the Region Manager to make sure you and fellow members from your geographic area are up to date on all BrandSource programs, benefits and opportunities, and are fully informed on the latest industry news you can use.

Meanwhile, our Member Relations Specialists will be there to provide you and your team with a white-glove onboarding process, and will always be ready to assist you with business solutions and guide you along our proven roadmap to success.

Did we say double-teamed? Well, there’s actually a third component of member support — AVB Marketing, BrandSource’s advertising, e-commerce and social media wing. Each new member who leverages their vast, state-of-the-art video and digital resources is assigned an Account Executive who studies your individual market and can develop a customized, high-impact marketing program based on the unique needs of your business.

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Besides your Region Manager, Member Relations Specialist and AVB Marketing Account Executive, members are also supported by their fellow BrandSource dealers. Indeed, “Members Helping Members” is a key tenet of the group, and with a nationwide network of 5,000 BrandSource dealers behind you to share best practices and extend a helping hand, you are never alone.

To help keep us all connected, BrandSource conducts Virtual Town Hall Meetings with members and staff, and, when the health crisis eases, the group will resume its relished on-site Region Meetings, which combine business with fun. In addition, our staffers will check in on you regularly via Member Engagement Calls, and keep you apprised of all BrandSource and industry doings with email updates and our exclusive YourSourceNews.com newsletter.

Plus, all BrandSource members and staff gather twice a year, whether virtually or in person, for our national Summit and Convention expos.

Together, our singular mission is to support your business, boost your bottom line and ensure your success every way we can. Just like the song, we’ll be there for you.

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As our guiding principle states, “It’s All About the Members.” Let us make it all about you, too.

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