December 8, 2020

We’re Making a List and Checking it Twice

No, not to find out who’s naughty or nice.

Rather, AVB/BrandSource, the leading merchandising and marketing group for independent dealers, has compiled several “Checklists for Success” — actual laminated lists of our many easy-to-execute solutions to help members be more competitive in an ever-changing retail environment.

The first “Checklist for Success,” released earlier this year, allows BrandSource dealers to review a basic rundown of programs and services that are offered by the group, check off those they are already taking advantage of and, more importantly, take note of what they may be missing out on.

The checkboxes range from state-of-the-art websites and digital price tags to margin-enhancing merchandising programs and participation in regional meetings for training and networking. The checklist also directs members to where they can get more information on any untapped services, which can have a direct impact on their bottom line.

Following the coronavirus outbreak, BrandSource rapidly issued a second checklist, this one on safely and successfully transitioning to the new retail environment. “Adapting to the ‘New Normal’” is an essential operations checklist featuring suggested store policies, delivery and service procedures, merchandising and marketing advice, government links, and the best practices of fellow members.

Anticipating the dramatic shift to online shopping, BrandSource next produced a third list, a “Top 5 Digital Essentials Checklist” for amplifying dealers’ digital presence. The checkboxes on this list include such crucial transactional tools as live chat; tagging in-stock items; payment gateways; high-margin attachment opportunities at checkout; and customized product catalogs built around special sales events, scratch-and-dent models or clearance items. All of the e-commerce assets are available through AVB Marketing, BrandSource’s digital marketing and website development arm.

BrandSource encourages all dealers to take a hard look at these tried-and-true solutions and to take immediate action on the services they’re missing.

“We feel it is extremely important for all of our members to take advantage of all that this group has to offer,” said AVB’s Chief Operating Officer Dave Meekings. “Simply put, those who are using all the tools in the AVB tool belt are outperforming the dealers that aren’t. We want all of our members to succeed and are giving them the resources to do so.”

As a member of BrandSource, you will be privy to each of the group’s Checklists for Success — and the exclusive, profit-driving services they describe. To learn more, please click here.

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