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March 8, 2024

What’s the hubbub about HUB?

An ally in the race to boost profits and beat your competition

HUB is your in-store CRM tool, providing business owners, sales people, support teams, merchants and customers access to the information they need exactly when they need it.

The next generation of e-commerce

When you have all the resources you need at your fingertips, you can seamlessly guide product decisions with shoppers, access comprehensive product data and communicate effortlessly with customers. 

CRM functionality

Beyond being a powerhouse for product data, HUB is equipped with a comprehensive CRM tool to help you optimize your customer interactions by: 

    • Storing customer contact details
    • Tracking in-store visits
    • Allowing you to leverage this information for strategic follow-ups

Create a HUB quote for the selected products, effortlessly emailing it to the customer with attached spec docs, eliminating the need for printing them out in the store. 

Every communication through HUB is logged, providing a comprehensive history for efficient follow-ups and customer interactions.

Team management 

Once your customer interactions are in HUB, leverage this data to efficiently manage your sales team.

    • Monitor closing rates through HUB’s robust reporting features.
    • Effectively oversee your sales pipeline by evaluating products, promos, customer visits and incoming texts and emails.

Additional benefits

    • Price tags have accurate and consistent information that you need.
    • Promotional history provides previous and upcoming promo schedules.
    • Inventory availability reports are right at your fingertips.
    • Quote tracking gives you the ability to reference historic sale conversations.
    • Price adjustments provide you the ability to make changes on the fly.
    • Competitor pricing gives you the visibility to help make the sale.

Seamless integration with MTEQ tools

We know that members who participate fully in our suite of tools see at least a 30% jump in traffic to their online store. That’s why HUB is fully integrated with all our other platforms, including LINQ, SYNC, ALTA, KIOSQ, digital price tags and more. 

See it all and manage it all on one centralized platform

HUB is continuously evolving, shaped by what members need and designed to help you boost your bottom line. Click to find out more about HUB and all the benefits of BrandSource membership.

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