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April 8, 2024

Win Customer Loyalty with Retail Bonus Events

It’s all about great customer experience


Every study of retail consumer behavior tells us that no matter how great your prices are or how vast your selection, if your shopper has a bad experience you’ll never see them again. How do you enhance all the benefits you offer customers and get the edge? 

Boost your brand with retail bonus events  

Retail bonus events are special in-store days when you offer a little something extra to your shoppers. You can center them on holidays, private sales, warehouse sales, tent sales or just about anything that works for your business and your community.


When marketed well, these events drive up interest and traffic to your store and can have a major effect on your bottom line. And how do you ensure you’re getting the word out to the right people at the right time? BrandSource and AVB Marketing are the best in the industry for helping you strategize and advertise your events. 

Why hold a retail bonus event? 

    • When you hold a special event, you can connect better with customers and increase your brand identity with your key consumers. This is a great way to increase your exposure to a new audience and introduce all you have to offer to potential shoppers who might not have found you otherwise. 
    • Special sales, exclusive products or incentives for shoppers can bring people in your door and have a profound effect on your bottom line.
    •  By holding contests, sign-ups or surveys, you can capture valuable data consumer behavior and preferences. This is key information when you’re formulating a marketing strategy. 

How do you plan an event?

    • Before you pick a date, pick a purpose. When you have clear objectives for your retail bonus event, you multiply your chance of success. Are you trying to clear out inventory? Introduce a new product line? Whatever you’re trying to accomplish, let your objectives guide your planning. 
    • Figure out your target market. You up your chances of success if you tailor your event to the people you most want to attract. 
    • Market it correctly. People who don’t hear about your event won’t attend, so get the word out. And nobody is better than AVB Marketing to help you strategize and execute a plan.

A retail bonus event can create excitement among consumers, encouraging them to get to know you, engage with your products and, ultimately, to buy. Make the most of your next retail bonus event or start planning something for 2024 today, and let us help. With BrandSource and AVB Marketing at your side, your retail bonus events can outpace anything you’ve done before and give you edge you need to win the day.


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