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February 26, 2024

Women in Business: Empowerment & Inspiration

Why Highlight Women in Business?

Independent appliance, furniture, mattress and electronics businesses have one thing in common: They’re primarily male-led. At least, they used to be. As women continue to take on leadership duties in management, sales and service departments in member businesses, BrandSource sets aside time and talent to encourage, empower and inspire the women in our unique industry. 

Resources and rewards to help women succeed

Women in Business is a group of professional independent retailers who come together during BrandSource events to empower, educate and inspire one another to grow and succeed. With a focus on topics such as leadership, thriving in a male-dominated industry and perfecting the work-life balance, the group is a powerful force for members. 

National Events

At each national event — spring Summit and fall Convention — there is a special session set aside for the Women in Business group. Sometimes it’s a speaker, sometimes it’s a special fun event, but it’s always designed to give the women of BrandSource a little something extra.

Women in Business Award

Every year during Summit, one especially deserving woman is presented with the Women in Business Award. Geared each year to highlight the special talents and accomplishments of the winner, the award celebrates the unique gifts and achievements of the women who are succeeding in business and leading the way for the next generation. 

Women in Business Newsletter

Direct to your inbox every quarter, the newsletter offers links to podcasts, blogs and Instagram feeds that are full of ideas and resources to help women build their success. There is also a Q&A with one woman each time, getting her unique perspective on career, success and challenges. 


Women in Business was created in 2014 to address the issues of women’s empowerment, education and inspiration within the traditionally male independent retail industry. The real benefit of participating in the group is the sense of community and sisterhood that comes from sharing experiences, challenges and support.

Women in Business is community of BrandSource women who understand your challenges and believe in your success. Click below to learn about it and all the benefits of membership.

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