June 8, 2021

You Can
Bank on

In good times and bad, independent dealers need rock-solid financial backing to support their inventory needs.
Fortunately for BrandSource members, their businesses can count on BrandSource Financial (BSF), the buying co-op’s in-house inventory financing arm, to be there when order opportunities knock — especially in these supply-constrained times.
Now celebrating its 11th year, BSF’s extended terms continue to help BrandSource members improve cash flow, boost sales and increase their return on investment. BSF has also provided extra support throughout the pandemic, helping dealers contend with credit lines that were tied up in mounting backorders.
Besides benefitting from its considerable commercial clout, dealers also profit directly from BSF. Like the buying co-op it was named after, BSF was created solely for the betterment of the members; that means that unlike other financing plans, all profits from the program go back to BrandSource dealers in the form of annual cash distributions … and BSF is plenty profitable. In fact, BrandSource Financial broke another record last year, which translated to a cash distribution of 40 basis points, representing the best value proposition in the industry.

What’s more, BSF never requires exclusivity. Indeed, most BrandSource members use a second resource in addition to BSF, such as a vendor or third-party provider, which provides even greater liquidity with generally more credit facilities.

As an added bonus, BSF knows how to show its appreciation to BrandSource members. Its latest giveaway — a five-day “Tropical Escape” travel package with $400 in spending money — is sending a raffle-winning couple to Maui this fall.

To learn more about BrandSource Financial and the many other benefits of BrandSource membership, please click , please click here.
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