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November 22, 2023

You Could Be Leaving Money on the Table


Our mission is to keep members profitably in business, and profit means money. The common thread connecting all our dozens of member benefits is money — how to put more money back in your pocket and help you boost your bottom line. We could talk for days about the ways we strive to do that, but today we’re focusing on five specific tools we use to help you make more money. 

1. Margin enhancements
During every season of the year and especially the high-stakes holiday selling periods, our margin enhancements make all the difference for members. Not sure what we mean by margin enhancements? Just ask. We’d love to spell it out for you. 

2. Co-op
Co-op dollars are available for qualifying digital advertising campaigns. That means when you spend money (that you were going to spend anyway) on digital marketing in conjunction with co-op programs through AVB Marketing, you get money back to invest in more marketing. And AVBM will even do the paperwork for you so you get the money you earn without doing one second of extra work. 

3. Credit card processing
We’ve got programs for member dealers that save them on average $4,000 per year on credit card processing. Think about what you could do with an extra $4k in 2024. 

4. Matching funds
There are regularly matching funds available — both from specific vendors and from AVB — to maximize the investment you’re making on digital advertising. When you take advantage of these programs, your marketing dollars go much, much farther. 

5. BrandSource Financial
Our secret weapon for member dealers, BSF is our in-house finance arm that offers a multitude of benefits for members. Those include extended terms, no-interest inventory financing with more than 60 vendor partners  and annual cash distributions that average $6,500 per year and can reach $25,000. 

Let us show you how you’re leaving money on the table and how we can help you capture every dollar. 

Click to find out about the many benefits of BrandSource membership. 

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