March 17, 2021

Your Own National Merchandising Team

When you join BrandSource, you’re no longer going it alone.

Besides the got-your-back support of BrandSource dealers and staff, and a state-of-the-art marketing division at your disposal, membership has additional rewards.

Namely, a crack national merchandising team that goes to bat for you every day.

Working on behalf of nearly 5,000 other independent dealers, BrandSource’s appliance, furniture, mattress, electronics and outdoor merchants command the same stage — and negotiating might — as the national big-box chains. This gives you and your business a seat at the table with the industry’s top brands and decision makers, and access to the kind of pricing and incentives that put you on equal or better footing with your box-store competitors.

Moreover, as a BrandSource member you will be privy to our merchants’ strategic discussions with manufacturers and learn the latest about inventory availability, the promotional environment, product road maps, and other critical intelligence.

This information is freely shared with BrandSource dealers via a private member website; weekly emailed Member Updates; and monthly online Region Check-ins, where dealers are encouraged to ask questions, seek assistance, and share their challenges and successes in the field.

What’s more, you can also count on BrandSource’s exclusive industry news site,, to bring you timely marketplace insights and other actionable information.

So whether you’ve never joined a buying group, or belong to one and still feel adrift, don’t go it alone out there, especially in these most turbulent of times. Let BrandSource be your voice with vendors and reap the benefits of our combined $20 billion in merchandising muscle. As the old Amex commercials said, membership has its rewards.

To find out more about the many benefits of BrandSource membership, please click here.

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